Friday, July 7, 2017

The Ten Most Powerful Ways to Overcome Negative Self-Defeating Thoughts and Feelings.

Do you battle to overcome negative defeating thoughts and feelings? 

I think most people do in this sedentary, indoor, socially isolated, fast food-laden, sleep-deprived frenzied pace of modern life.

That is unless you take action and decide you don't want to live your life that way. If you've made this decision, congratulations, you've joined the small but growing community that have come to the realisation that we need to look after ourselves if we wish to be emotionally strong and enjoy feelings of well being.

I am a school teacher and over the years have taught lots of kids about how to look after their emotional health. I am passionate about this subject and really love helping others learn about emotional intelligence. 

Top 10 tips for overcoming these negative thoughts and feelings plus an important bonus tip. 
  1. Look for opportunities to be grateful and keep a gratitude journal and write in it daily; say thank you often throughout the day, say it 3x; thank you, thank you, thank you. Even better if you can say it out loud! If you're feeling particularly negative and cant find anything to be grateful for, just through saying, I am so grateful, not even having an ending, uplifts you. Try it! When writing look for depth over breadth. Rather than writing long lists, just write a couple of things but write deeper about them, so you can really feel it, writing about people conjures up a more powerful emotional response than things. Read more about how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude here
  2. Use affirmations and visualisations; make it a daily habit, choose a time frame and stick to it. As you visualise seed the emotion and feel the joy as you see yourself how you want to be, not in the future but right now, as if you have already become that person. Repeat affirmations that are uplifting and encouraging and which help you overcome your fears and challenges. To read more about this go here
  3. Use meditation and breathing exercises; this helps you be in the present, slow your thinking down, ground you and helps bring peace. When you feel particularly negative about something, take a deep breath and breath it out. Feel your shoulders relax and visualise the negative energy being released out through the breath. Say to yourself as you do this, Out with the old, in with the new, image the new air is positive, uplifting energy.
  4. Look for daily opportunities to do acts of kindness. Psychologists have coined the term 'helpful high', this is the uplifting feeling you get when you reach out to others. It works!
  5. Know your passion and spend time doing it, daily if you can. If you don't know what your passion is, you have some homework to do, life will be a whole lot more meaningful if we spend time living our passion.
  6. Have a vision of who you want to become and set goals to achieve this, Life becomes hopeful and exciting as you set and achieve goals,to read more about this go to my blog post Vision Is Everything; here
  7. Take care of your body; this includes physical such as sleeping, eating and exercise, as well as spiritual, mental and emotional health. We need to look after our whole body.
  8. Foster meaningful relationships with other people; connect with others, it doesn't have to be many but they have to be real. Do you struggle with having friendships? Consider this golden nugget; to have a friend, you need to be a friend.....
  9. Learn to forgive; yourself as well as others, live with peace of mind. Sometimes this is hard but when we accept forgiveness into our lives, we will be much happier.
  10. Use doTERRA essential oils; read more about this ahead
  11. *BONUS TIP* Journal your thoughts and feelings as you go through the process acknowledging all feelings that come up for you, both comfortable and uncomfortable.
Maybe you have tried a number of these strategies, however, if you use all of these suggestions simultaneously, you will notice the difference, not just in your thoughts and feelings, but in your behaviour and how you respond to your life. The results will become obvious!

How and when am I able to do all this?
 It is important that we invest time into ourselves, if we won't then who will? Taking time to care for ourselves is critical. I suggest an early morning routine; get up before everyone else, even if it is just half an hour. If we do this, then we start the day feeling emotionally stronger and better able to cope with the day. Will you do it?

Why doTERRA essential oils? 
These oils are the best on the market because they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. They have the power and ability to impact the brain and are a powerful key to help unlock and release emotional trauma. They will support the healing of your emotional and mental health. 

Would you like to feel renewed, inspired, reassured, encouraged or uplifted? These are just a few of the feelings these oils can help you to enjoy.

*Important note.... doTERRA oils are not a miracle cure but they are quite miraculous when used in conjunction with these other techniques that I have mentioned above.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Do you live locally; Northern Tasmania? Over the coming months we are hosting doterra oil classes. This is an informal opportunity to come and learn how to use our essential oils and gather information to take home but most importantly, you can come and smell the oils that you need to assist you in becoming emotionally and physically stronger. Comment 'yes' for more details if you live locally and are interested in attending one of these events and we will get back to you and give you the information.

What if you don't live locally?
We are also happy to help you and answer any questions you have about overcoming negative thinking or using doTERRA oils, so also comment 'yes' and we will get back to you too.

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All the very best to you as you participate on your journey of great emotional health!

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