Sunday, July 9, 2017

Did you Know that Every Physical Ailment has an Underlying Emotional Cause?

Did you know that every physical ailment has an underlying emotional cause?

 Have you noticed that you get a cold when you have been feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

Have you noticed you get back or hip pain just before you are about to embark on a trip or you are anxious about a big change in your life?

Have you noticed you put weight on when you have been feeling insecure or vulnerable and unfulfilled?

Have you noticed you get fatigued when you have been feeling apathetic and stuck in your job, relationship etc?

Have you noticed you get depressed when you have been feeling angry, hopeless or self-critical?

Have you noticed you get the flu when you've been feeling pessimistic or hopeless?

Have you noticed you get seasonal allergies when you have been feeling repressed, fearful, grieving or angry?

Humans are an energy with cells that vibrate at a particular rate and on particular frequencies. To read more about our bodies being a vibrating energy go here. Our emotions are also energy that impacts on the vibration of our cells. When we feel positive emotions, our vibration increases and we receive energy and the body can dispose of any acidic build up. Acidic build up is created through stress, a poor diet and breathing in and using toxic chemicals. When we feel negative emotions, our vibrations slow down which depletes our energy and in turn adds to our acidic build up. Our bodies cannot get rid of the acid if our cells are vibrating too slowly and cannot get into a momentum that moves it.

When our vibration slows down, the body responds by letting the body know. It needs to excrete the acidic load through colds, flues and temperatures. If the vibration remains stagnant for too long the acidic build up becomes stuck within the body, this is termed having blocked emotions. This is when the body responds in prolonged pain. People often have operations to cut out the acid, such as fluid, tumours etc but the issue still remains and unless the negative emotion is addressed, the problem will return, either in the same or different areas of the body.

People such as naturopaths that use energy healing can help you release these blocked emotions. I had a bulging disk in my back since I was a young adult, which was quite excruciating at times. I did not want an operation and so had been going to a chiropractor for many years but found that after a short period of time it kept coming back. As long as I kept up the weekly visits it kept it at bay. This was ok for a while, but eventually I went to a naturopath that used energy healing.  She was able to pinpoint what the negative emotion had been and I remembered a prolonged period of time as a teenager when I felt unsupported and unhappy. She was able to release the negative energy and I used affirmations and visualisations of love and support to assist me in my recovery. This was 5 years ago and I have never felt any of that terrible pain again. Sometimes I feel a twinge in my back and I am reminded that I need to address any fear or negative emotion that I am feeling. This way my pain serves as a reminder to me to look after my body and give it the attention it deserves.

Our bodies are inter-connected by all that impacts on our lives. When we speak of health, we need to speak of all our body systems including our emotional, spiritual and mental health. We need to look after and address all these aspects of our lives. If you have found this blogpost interesting, then follow me on fb at Wholistic View.

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