Sunday, July 2, 2017

How to have a Growth Mindset

Do you say to yourself things like I'm no good at ........ (Whatever it is)? I can't do ..........? I'm hopeless at ........... Have you ever felt stuck in your thinking? Overwhelmed? Your mind shuts down and you know that whatever it is, you just cannot get it. This happened to me often in maths at school, and sometimes even now. I have a block which stops me from opening my mind and inhibits me from learning and understanding. I think we all have experienced this from time to time.

At the beginning of the year my son came home from school and was explaining to me how he had been feeling stuck the last few lessons, and now he was so excited to share with me, that today, he had finally understood. He'd had a break through and he was so relieved. Of course it was also in maths, he obviously takes after me.

Having a growth mindset is an aspect of being resilient, It is the belief that we can do almost anything if we are willing to put in the effort and open our minds to the how. It's also about being aware of the self defeating things we say to ourselves and changing our thinking. It's the ability to bounce back when we have hit a wall or a block in our thinking.

Instead of saying;
I can't do it, say I need some time but I will get it.
I'm hopeless at this, say I need to practise to improve.
This is too hard, say this is stretching me right now but I will get it.
I dont understand, say I dont understand yet.

One of the aspects of being resilient is the ability to not give up and to remind ourselves that although right now we can't understand, that doesn't mean we won't in the future. We can take the pressure off, have a break and come back to it when we are ready with fresh eyes.

We can teach our children to be resilient by modelling the growth mindset to them. When they see us get frustrated and angry because we can't get something, they will follow that example. However, when they see us persevere and keep coming back to something that is hard, they will learn determination and patience. Being patient with ourselves is especially important when we are learning something new.

To finish up watch this 5 min video clip of these boys overcoming their situation to be able to play soccer, you'll love it!

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