Friday, June 30, 2017

Law of Thinking

What we think ultimately produces results in our lives.

The law of thinking is a natural law, a universal law that governs us. Just as the law of gravity governs the earth, so the law of thinking does as well. The law of thinking finds that you become and attract what you think about.

Our mind is a force, it is like fertile soil, always creating. Nature deos not differentiate between weeds and flowers, she produces and causes both seeds to grow. The energy required for nature is the same as the mind, you can create good or bad outcomes, your thinking determines which it is to be.

Whatever we think about must grow. Therefore weeding becomes so important. Just as a gardener tediously works to remove every weed, so should we. We know the effects if the gardener is slothful; the weeds will choke the crop and there will be limited or no harvest. The results will be the same with our mind if we do not weed out our negative and unhelpful thoughts. To read more on how to weed out negative thoughts go here.

If crops are struggling we examine the soil to find a solution to the problem. We do this as quickly as possible as the more deep-rooted the issue, the harder it becomes to resolve. This translates to realising when we are struggling that there is something within us that needs attention. If we cannot discern it, we can seek out others who can but we need to act on it quickly and replace our thinking with the right kind of thoughts. That is, if it is fear, replace it with courage. If it is a diseased thought, replace it with a healthy thought. If it is a limited thought, think thoughts of plenty. Force some issue where we alter or change the thought pattern. To read more about abundant thoughts go here.

Unhealthy thoughts such as fear, impatience, malice, hate, envy, pride, conceit, dishonesty need to be weeded out. But we dont weed them out by fighting them, we weed them out by starving them of oxygen. We do this by replacing them with thoughts of love, joy and gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools to strangle the weeds. To read more on how to have an attitude of gratitude go here. When we replace the thoughts that are weeds, eventually they will die from starvation and lack of cultivation.

Nature has no problems she cant resolve. We are endowed to overcome all mistakes and challenges in life. All action is the result of thought. It determines the condition in life, and to have better conditions we must first make the effort to organise our thoughts.

We do this by to cultivating an orderly, disciplined constructive state of thinking. When we make a decision to do something, the first step is to organise our thinking. We plan out, proceed and review in a continual cycle allowing for flexibilty as we re-evaluate our course and plan again. We need to do this in every facet of our life. When our minds are scatty and disorganised, so will our lives be the same, we need to make a concerted effort to organise our thought processes.

Raymond Holliwell, a guru in Working with the Laws found that, Nature is orderly and disciplined and if we are having problems it is because we are not controlling our ideas. Self control consists of organised thought direction. When all things are in harmony and order, problems will cease to be perplexities and mysteries will cease to be mysterious.

Knowledge and understanding will replace fear and ignorance and that which was invisable, will become visable, that which was unknown will become known. Life with its circumstances is no longer an enigma but a clear interpretation of the Law of Thinking. We are what we are according to our state of thinking. We attract only what we think or create.

Life doesnt happen to you, life responds to you.

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