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5 Ways To Use Visualisation More Effectively

Visualisation is the ability to use our imagination. Most of us know what it is like to day-dream and imagine a future the way we would like it to be. The challenge can be when we have been given negative input and we battle to believe that we can be or do any of the things we would love to imagine. This negative input, if we believe it can hold us back and is called limiting beliefs. Our limiting beliefs are stored in our sub-conscious and can be a challenge to overcome. This is where our fears and self-talk over-ride our desire to do. Limiting beliefs are the negative things we tell ourselves or believe, which in turn get in the way of us achieving.

Limiting beliefs have mostly come from the things others have said to us. It is just brain-washing that comes from their limited perspective. People see what others do and make a judgment which is often not accurate. Often it has come from a person's frustration and lack of understanding. It is sad when children in particular are fed unhelpful statements and then believe that they are true This can then effect them for life doing untold damage which stops them from achieving and really enjoying their lives. If you feel this is you, then don't give up, there are ways to overcome and break through these negative limiting beliefs.

Other limiting beliefs have also come from our own limited perspective, where we didn't have the tools or understandings to know how to do something and therefore arrived at a place where we believed we couldn't. Our resilience and ability to bounce-back from challenges, and our capacity to see things as they really are, all makes an impact on how we respond to any given situation and therefore, can add to our limiting beliefs.

When we use visualisation we can change these limiting beliefs . As we routinely practise this skill we will begin to see ourselves as being able to move past these limiting beliefs and overcome the fears and achieve our true potential. It is recommended that we practise 2-3 times a day; first thing in the morning, last thing at night and some time in the middle of the day.

How to use visualisation:
  • Get somewhere comfortable, you can be sitting or lying down.
  • Breath in and out deeply as many times as needed to let help you relax
  • Start at your toes and move up through your body naming up all your body parts, tensing them and letting them relax
  • As thoughts come just observe them and let them go again
  • Picture yourself doing the things that you want to achieve or become
Some people find is hard to concentrate and use visualisation effectively but maybe it's because of the way you're doing it. Here are 5 ways to make visualisation really powerful.
  1. Attach an emotion to it. When you feel emotions around your visualisation you are giving them power. Name up the emotions you are feeling during your visualisation.
  2. Visualise yourself as if it is present tense, not in the future. See yourself as if it is happening now.
  3. See yourself as a multi dimensional real existence, not just an image. Use your senses and thoughts in your visualisation. 
  4. Have hope and expectations that you will manifest your visualisations. Feel they are permanent. This is likely to happen as you use all the above.
  5. Attach affirmations to your visualisations to help overcome limiting beliefs. Use gratitude; start the phrase with "I am so grateful now that....".
Affirmations are positive statements said in the present tense to re-program your thinking. Some examples could be:
  • I am worth loving, there is love all around me.
  • My day begins and ends with gratitude and joy
  • I am a unique beautiful soul.
  • Abundance flows through me.
  • I take in and give out nourishment in perfect balance.
  • I rejoice in the love I encounter everyday.
  • Life brings me only good experiences, I am open to new and wonderful changes
  • I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs, I release them with love.
  • Every experience I have is perfect for my growth.
  • I respect and honour my beatiful and healthy body.
  • My heart is open and I have an abundance of love for myself and others.
  • Life loves me and I love life. I now choose to take in life fully and freely.
  • I have the courage to stand tall and live my potential

Affirmations used routinely can make all the difference to help us overcome our limiting beliefs. As you become aware of the negative blocks holding you back, you can create affirmations that directly counteract those beliefs.

If you use visualisation in this deeper manner, you will find much success and with time, release those limiting beliefs and start to live your true potential. Through this process you begin to realise that the only thing holding you back is yourself. As we allow ourselves to get out of the way, we can find the joy and abundance in life that we really desire and deserve.

I would sure love to hear about people's experiences with visualisations and affirmations! Private message me on my page at or leave a comment below.

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This is helping me remain focussed and on target for my goals. Thankyou!