Tuesday, September 12, 2017

5 Ways To Have More HOPE

Having hope is the difference between a life of drudgery and misery and a life of fulfillment and joy. We all have days now and then where we struggle to have hope and that is normal, its when the days turn into weeks that we really want to change some things up to enable hope back into our lives.
Here are 5 ways that I have found helpful in keeping hope in my life.

  1. Having goals; working towards something gives us motivation and a reason to act. Whether it is a personal goal of change or a external goal of going somewhere or doing something, it is important to always have a goal. We need to visualise these goals as if they are here already. See them as not in the future, but something that you have already completed. This way our subconscious thinks it has already materialised and you will manifest them a lot quicker.
  2. Have a gratitude journal; I have found a really cool free app called Zest. You can add photos and it has a daily reminder which you can change the time. It is great to add to it each evening, looking back over your day and seeing what great things happened that day. They can be as simple as you want. One of mine was going into the city and finding there was already money on my meter. One particular down day I found it very uplifting to go back to the beginning and re-read all my entries.
  3. Essential oils; quality therapeutic oils raise your vibration and enable us to feel energised and encouraged. There are a number of oils that could assist you if you've been feeling hopelessness, the best advice is to smell the different ones and see which one really smells the best and resonates with you. That would be your body saying that's the one it wants.
  4. Ask, Believe and Receive; whether you interpret this as prayer or putting your intention out to the universe, it doesn't seem much different to me in the end. Having faith in a higher being or believing the universe will bring you what you need is what point no.4 is about. We often think too much about what we don't want, rather we need to focus on what we do. Its okay to be aware of what we don't want but then we need to turn it round and ask for it believing we will receive it. As we believe, we will manifest it.
  5. Diet and exercise; there is so much information out there attesting to the power of making sure you drink enough water, that you eat healthy and get in some exercise. Even if you're exercise is walking, at least it is something and it will benefit you. Getting out in nature is a great cure for hopelessness for some, so find what works for you and try to do it daily.
These are just 5 ideas that will help if you've been struggling to feel hope and joy. If you've felt you have benefit from these then like my Fb page Wholistic View and follow me. My page is all about how to follow these and many more ideas to help us look after all areas of our health and live the very best life we can.

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