Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to Have Abundance Through the Law of Receiving

Have you ever said to yourself when I have, then I can give? It is a common thought that we cannot give until we have but if we remain on this thought pattern, we will never have. The law of receiving finds that unless we can sacrifice of ourselves and learn to give without thought of getting, then we will never receive. We tell ourselves that we cannot give until we receive and then do absolutely nothing about it. We continue on in the same mental rut as before, then are surprised when we don't receive the abundance we want.

Having an abundant mindset is about believing there is enough whatever the resource is; it could be time, knowledge, money, even kindness, To be able to enlarge our capacity to give, we need to be open to giving no matter how little we have. We need to believe there is enough and when we give of our resources, no matter how meager they are, the universe will compensate and restore to us and we will end up more abundant than when we started.

Understanding the law of receiving is helpful to motivate us to desire an abundant mindset. The law is simple: what measure you give is what measure you receive. If you give willingly and freely, you will receive just as freely. (NB this does not mean we be foolish with our resources and not manage our own situation sensibly.)

Lets try it as a visual image: as you give abundantly, you are freeing your hands to receive. When you cling to something and refuse to give freely, your fingers are closed, and your hands and arms are laden down with your grasp and there is no room to receive more. This example can be used with anything at all; knowledge, ideas, kindness, love, time, material and monetary possessions.

Most of us want to expand our abilities, to make money, to grow our investments and opportunities, to enlarge our influence and to be able to assist our family and friends. But if we do not act as if we already can and do nothing towards our desires, we find that nothing changes and we then complain that the universe is against us. We need to walk in faith, so to speak, acting in faith, that whatever our desires are, will be accomplished.

Part of this acting is also about doing all we can to improve our circumstances. The Internet for example, is a wonderful resource where we can learn so very many things. Just by watching a YouTube clip, you can learn to do almost anything. You can learn a new skill (my daughter taught herself to knit through this process), you can learn new ways to respond to a difficult child or how to better manage your finances and what to do and say to your debtors when you cannot pay a bill. Whatever your desire is to expand and improve, you have the opportunity to research and learn. Through this process of acting you are using the law of receiving because as you give of your time and energy, you will receive in return. You will receive knowledge and inspiration of how to move forward towards the abundant life you wish for.

The other side of the law of receiving is to help others have an abundant life. This will only work when we assist others who are prepared to act. If we continually give of our resources to those who are not then we are not truly helping them.To live an abundant life we need to become self reliant and we want to help others achieve this also. For example we often use this quote in society; Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. When we speak of giving and helping others to be abundant, we need to teach them in a way that allows them the opportunity to use the same law. 

Understanding the law of receiving enables us to become abundant as we give of our resources, act on our desires, learn to become self-reliant and teach others to do the same. Through this process we will receive immeasurably and find the abundance we so deeply desire.

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