Thursday, June 22, 2017

I Have A Super Power, and So Do You

I have a super power, it is like a force field of energy that is wrapped around my body. We all have them. It is a courage shield. It protects us and helps us to feel confident, strong and good about ourselves.

Sometimes people notice our super power and will try to get into a power struggle with us. Some people do this when they are threatened by a strong power shield and other times its because they sense a weak one and see it as an easy target. Their goal is to destroy our shields and they think by destroying others it will make there's stronger but they are wrong.We cannot make our power stronger by taking or weakening others.

When people try and take down our courage shield, it is most important to pretend we are strong, even if we don't feel it. We can do this by looking people in the eye and speaking in a strong, not aggressive, voice tone. It is okay to ask other people for help when we feel someone is attacking our courage shield.

*Keeping your cool and not getting angry or upset is the trick to keeping our courage shield.

Walking away with our heads up and being determined to keep our courage shield is better than getting into a fight over it. Fighting is too risky because we may come out with a damaged shield or worse. We can fix our shield if this does happen, but it is a long, slow process of healing.

We can strengthen our courage shields in three ways:
  1. by overcoming our fears, to read more on this see here
  2. showing kindness and love to others 
  3. by believing that we are strong. 
*This is a lesson I have used as a school teacher to help children understand the need to protect themselves against bullies. 

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