Friday, June 16, 2017

Do You have an Abundance or Scarcity Mindset?

Have you heard of the scarcity vs abundance mindset?

Its pretty interesting. Maybe youve been wondering why your life is difficult and nothing goes right, well maybe you have a scarcity mindset. Scarcity thinking comes from a position of fear or lack of love. It leads to attracting a life of stress, failure or discontent.

Abundance mindset comes from a position of love. You believe there is always enough and therefore happy to share whatever resources you have with others. This includes time, ideas, knowledge, money and monetory posessions, as well as kindness and compassion. An abundance mindset leads to attracting a life of joy and fulfillment.

Which type of thinker are you? Which type of thinker do you want to be?

Being an abundance thinker can be developed when we become aware and cultivate conscious thinking. When we practise gratitude we let go of fears and scarcity and become more generous and open hearted.

Understanding the law of receiving is helpful to motivate us to desire an abundant mindset. The law is simple: what measure you give is what measure you receive. If you give willingly and freely, you will receive just as freely.

Lets try it as a visual image: as you give abundantly, you are freeing your hands to receive. When you cling to something and refuse to give freely, your hands or arms are laden down with your grasp and there is no room to receive more. This example can be used with anything at all; knowledge, ideas, kindness, love, time, material and monetary possessions.

For example, I know of a bakery, they bake the best bread and sell lots of delicious cakes and pastries. One day a year or two ago a little cafe opened up just a couple of doors down the street from the bakery. The owners of the cafe approached the bakery and asked them if they would be willing to work together in using and selling their baked goods. The bakery only saw the cafe as negative competition, they had a scarcity mindset and refused to do any business with them. They were not willing to embrace the opportunity, whereas an abundance mindset would have seen the potential for growth and strength and because of this they would have grown together. To read more about we reap what we sow look here

The most important thing to remember when striving to practise an abundance mindset is to have gratitude. When we are grateful love enters and fear exits because they cannot exist together. Gratitude has the power to change our hearts and our minds. To read more about how to have an attitude of gratitude read here.

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