Friday, June 16, 2017

How to Participate in The Journey of Becoming

When I was a student at University studying Education, one of my lecturers asked each of us to share why we wanted to become a teacher. As they went round the circle most of the answers were because they liked children. Even though I do like children, I knew that wasn't my reason and as I pondered and asked myself the question why do I love teaching, the answer came to my mind; it is because I love learning. (To understand more on how receiving answers to your questions works, read this post.)

I love the feeling of understanding something new and knowing I am changing and growing as a result. I therefore, also get a buzz when I observe those light bulb moments in others. The joy of teaching is participating in that process with the learner. We learn and engage together, it is a celebration of becoming. Becoming someone who you were not 5 minutes ago.

Now I am a stay-at-home mum, I don't have the official badge of teaching a class however, I do have the opportunity to continue on that path of teaching, learning and becoming. I can inspire others to become through my circle of influence and I can give my own life meaning and purpose by focusing on my own efforts to continue my journey of becoming.

I do this through asking myself questions such as:
What brings me joy?
Who do I want to be?
Where am I going in life?
Where do I want to go in life?
What do I want to develop to help me be who I want to be?
What will bring the most lasting happiness?

At some stage we need to believe that we are capable of growth and change. Life experiences change us, we are not meant to remain stagnant and become bored with life. We are here to have joy but we need to be consciously aware of looking for it. We need to act, we cant just do nothing and expect joy to find us. As we fully participate in our journey of life, joy will just become our companion along the way. I love the message in this statement: You can be the pilot or the passenger in your own life, the choice is yours.

One of the ways I have continued this process of 'becoming' is to create my own visualization board of the attributes that I want to have, the person I want to be. I have enjoyed the artistic process of creating something bright and colourful. I've noticed as I've participated in this process and pondered on how to do this, I have felt my creative juices pour into my sinews and soul to help me feel the energy of the project. It sounds like art therapy but the process of creating something does bring joy. Examples of attributes that I have chosen are; courageous, abundant, grateful and joyful.

Each morning I further seed the emotion and feel the joy as I visualize and manifest my new life. I do this for a few minutes, giving gratitude as if I am already that person. Don't think as if it is something in the future you are yet to attain, if you do that, it will always be in the future, you have to believe it is who you are now and act accordingly. When you believe it and start acting like it, you will BECOME it. Have you heard the slogan, 'fake it til you make it'? It works exactly like that!

This journey of becoming is fascinating and enriching, its not about nonacceptance and denying who we are, its about working towards becoming more of who we are, tapping into that goodness inside of us and who we want to be. As we participate in this process we are finding meaning in our lives and enjoying a more fulfilling life.

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