Thursday, March 5, 2015

Only Eight Months To Go

Time is flying by. My last blog Jayme had been serving his mission for 8 months in Japan and now he only has 8 months left until he returns. 24 months seemed so long at the beginning but now it seems that December will be here before we know it.
Christmas was exciting as we got to video call him which was a real thrill. He is happy and working hard. He said that the year went so fast, he was worried that the next year would go just as quickly. It is funny that while we are hanging out for the end and wanting time to hurry up, he is wanting it to slow down. I would prefer this though as it means he is loving his mission and enjoying every day that he is there. It helps knowing he has great support and made heaps of wonderful friends.

He had his 20th birthday in December as well, so we sent him cash to buy new clothes (doesn't he look dandy) and then a parcel for Christmas. It was mainly his favourite food; chocolate and biscuits and some other necessary items.

He is in a city called Nakatsu which he loves. It rarely snows down south in Japan but the winter has still been cold. He has worn socks and a jumper to bed to keep warm.

It is warming up a little now coming into spring but that just means an increase of rain... this pic cracks me up because his umbrella looked so impressive in his birthday pic.

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Celesta said...

Love it! It seems like just yesterday when Pete and I picked him up from the airport in Utah to take him to the MTC. Time flies! I'm glad to hear he is enjoying life so much. Xx