Thursday, July 17, 2014

Elder Jayme Wheeler -7 months a missionary

It has been 7, soon to be 8 months since Jayme left on his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I think of him often and sometimes with tears as I miss him so much. However, getting emails and photos every week and being able to chat with him live on email from time to time has really helped me further understand the purpose of this wonderful opportunity. 
As I look back over the last 19 years I feel satisfied that I tried my very best to nurture Jayme into the independent young man he has become. Some experiences were determined by prayer and deliberate actions and others were just stab in the dark, hope it turns out alright encounter. I know i could not have done it without my family and friends and especially without the whisperings of the Lord to guide me. I know it is the culmination of all these people and experiences that have assisted in preparing him in the best way for his mission which he is now absolutely loving and having the time of his life. I feel so grateful for all those that have played their part and assisted in his journey.

Sometimes, when I hear of all the miracles and the joy, I an envious and want to be there with him and other times, when I hear of his heartache, I want to rush to him and wrap my arms around him and tell him to be strong, rely on the Lord and believe in miracles. When I have these mothering instincts I am reminded that I have been doing that his whole life and now he has the opportunity to say those things to himself and do them without me coaching him. It is now his opportunity to put into practice all those lessons and experiences that life brought him and I am relieved to hear each week that he is able to do this; to be positive and trust the Lord, knowing that all experiences are for our good.

Saying goodbye to Jayme was harder than i expected even though we were all preparing for a number of years. I guess nothing can really prepare you for those feelings of knowing this will be the last hug for the next two years. I felt like I was giving up my child knowing when I see him again he will come back a man, ready to move on with his life; that is exciting and sad at the same time. I know it is a part of life and every parent goes through it at some stage but it doesn't mean that it is easy, I seem to be on an emotional see-saw, some days I am so happy for him and others I am sad for my loss. Someone once counselled me, that's not being selfish, that is love.

It was so wonderful to be able to video call him on Mother's Day. We had 45 minutes and it went so quickly. We all grinned the whole time, I had prepared questions in case we ran out of things to say but we didn't need them, it was like no time has passed and conversation ran naturally.

He did the countdown at 44 mins and we all yelled out to each other goodbye, I love you and as he hung up exactly on 45 mins, I burst into tears. It was such an emotional experience to see him and see how happy and well he was and to be able to talk to him face to face.We get another video call at Christmas, I can't wait to do it again, its amazing to think when we do he will be at his one year mark.

He has spent the most part of the year in Isigaki, which is a tropical Island near Taiwan and the southern most island of Japan. It is very hot and humid and especially now that it is Summer. The past month he was moved to Nobeoka, which is on the east coast of Japan's southern island. Recently he has asked for a complete new wardrobe. He said he is saving his good suit for Sundays but all his other clothes have been soiled due to the heat and sweat. We could not find any short sleeve shirts as it is winter in Australia but luckily my mum is in the USA also serving a mission for our church in Salt Lake City, so she was able to buy some short sleeve shirts and send them to him, THANKS MUM!! Then Yesterday, Emily and I went for a drive around all the local opp shops looking for second hand but good quality suits and dress pants. The challenge was to find any in his size as he is only size 30-32. We couldn't believe how blessed we were, after going to 5 different shops and starting to worry, we finally found everything we needed at the one place. We found 5 pairs of good trousers and a pure wool suit. Not only that the ticket for the suit was half price just this week and if you have a student card (which Emily did) on Wednesdays you get a further 20 % off! He wanted a few other things as well; some boardies to wear round the apartment in the heat, some hair product, his back pack, sunscreen and aloe vera gel (which is good for his skin and soothing for sun burn) and of course I added some Cadbury's chocolate for him and his companion. It felt so good being able to serve him and help him be more comfortable. The postage will cost more than the items but it is sent with love and I imagine his joy when he receives it so I don't mind. I told him it will be his Christmas in July parcel. We have all written really long letters to him as he only has 1 hour a week to read all our emails. Mostly our letters say that we love him and support him and hope that he can feel that love and support and most of all that we are proud of him and his dedication and service to the Lord.

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