Thursday, March 5, 2015

Summer 2014/2015

 Well, now that Summer is officially over, it seems a good time to reminisce. Christmas was the best with  a video call from Jayme, and Emily raking in the money so much that she bought us all Chrissy presents (well done Em!) We had Christmas Eve dinner with Nan and Pop and then we had a yummy Christmas lunch at Simone's place with Collette & Hayden coming down from Adelaide.

 The next day was Sarra's birthday - happy 14th Sarra.

Then the festivities continue at my dads with his sister and Simone and her troop.

The next big event was New years Eve. Emily invited about 20 youth from all over the stake for a bonfire, BBQ, sleep over. It was actually a huge hit with all the youth behaving themselves and having a great time. Not much of a sleep over, more of a wake beside the fire.

Next Chris and I took ourselves off on a little road trip up the North West coast in the campster. We went to Marrawah, Stanley and Boat Harbour.

Lastly we called into my dads for a night. he has an RV campsite

One exciting thing I decided to do over the summer was join up to doTERRA essential oils. I have loved using the oils and sharing them with others. Sandi and I have been tending a stall at the Boardmills market in Launceston, fortnightly on Saturdays and we have been giving out free hand massages. People choose their favourite oil and we massage both hands for a couple of minutes. It is amazing to me when you focus on what you can give instead of what you can get and how much more you receive. We are having a ball doing this.

Another thing Chris and I decided to do was to travel to Poatina once a month and get some mountain water. It is coming from the mountains down through the rocks. It is the most alive and amazing water I have ever tasted. I put a couple of drops of lemon essential oil which cleanses my gut and gives me energy and I have no worries drinking my daily quota of drinking water.

On Australia day us and half our church ward went to Bridport to enjoy the day in the sun and sand. It was a magic day and reminded me of the good ol' days when Mum lived there and we went there every holidays. With it being just one hour from the city, it really is a special place.

Since then Chris and I have been spending our date nights (Friday night) going to all the different local beaches. we take our shoes off and feel the sand between our toes and the surf chill our ankles. It has been invigorating and grounding. I forget sometimes how blessed I am to live on this beautiful island of Tasmania.

Life has been so good to us, it is great to reminisce. I am so grateful for my life, my family and friends and all the wonderful opportunities that life affords me.

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