Sunday, May 20, 2012

One Direction Infection

Emily became interested in One Direction last year when she heard the song, What Makes you Beautiful. I liked the song and so was OK when Emily had downloaded the CD and I had to listen to it everytime she got in the car. The music was easy listening with most lyrics about love and nothing innapropriate for young teenagers.


Suddenly all that changed when there was an announcement that they were coming to Australia and my sister Jessica bought tickets for them both to see One Direction in Brisbane. Jessica lives in Melbourne so after a failed attempt to get tickets there she got the next best thing.

Emily was so excited that was all she could think/talk about until she went. She was meant to visit Jessica for Easter for 1 week but because of the concert she was gone for 20 days. I was hoping she would enjoy herself and I wasn't disapointed.

These are the posters they made to take to the concert. Jessica told me that at the concert Emily was jumping up and down and screamming and crying and at one stage she thought Emily would asphyxiate because she wasn't breathing whilst screaming.

I expected that when Emily came home she would still be crazy about her favourite band but I didn't think she would be so obsessed. They are coming back again in another 16 months and Emily is talking about seeing them again. I don't think I can handle a teenage love affair that goes on for that long.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa I was the same with New kids on the Block, had them all over my walls, yes even on the roof they are touring in Oz now and I wish I could go and see them but Jeremy wont let hoo, she will grow out of day ;)
Bek Hill