Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Best Mother's Day Ever

On the Saturday of the Mother's day weekend there was to be a Stake Temple Trip and I really wanted to go. I had mentioned it to Chris but we just didn't have the money. Mum was going and taking Emily as her birthday present and I even though I wished in my heart I could go too, I put it out of my mind and got on with life.

The Monday before they were due to go I got a phone call from my good friend Kylie. They had bought plane tickets for all their family but now it seemed that their eldest wasn't going to go and they asked me if I would like to use her plane ticket. I was so excited and blown away that my dream was coming true. They changed the ticket over to my name and told me they were leaving Friday morning at 6am.

I suddenly got worried that I might not be able to go afterall as I work on Friday. It ocurred to me to ring in sick but I didn't feel comfortable about lying and thought I would be at the Melbourne airport when I would need to ring and an announcement would probably go over just at the same time and I would be found out. I was really worried and then while walking Tuesday morning a thought occurred to me that I could just ask to work on Monday in lieu of Friday. This was the advantage of working part time. My boss said that was fine and then I got really excited as I realised that I was definitely going.

We were spending the whole day Friday  shopping at the DFO and then going to the Temple Saturday morning. I had a very relaxing day doing some retail therapy. Jessica and I bought some nail polish and sat on the couch doing our nails while the rest of her family tore around buying much needed clothes. I did buy a couple of tops which were 90% off, you got to be happy with that!

This is the kids and I back in 2004.

On Saturday morning as we pulled into the Temple I felt emotional and I always get this coming home feeling. I love the feeling of being in the Temple. In the temple we do ordinances for our ancestors who have died and not had a chance to hear about the gospel or even Jesus Christ. I was able to watch Emily doing baptisms for the dead. This is when we are baptised just the same way as always and the person baptising you adds the words, for such and such who is dead, and the person is fully immersed under the water, just the same as Jesus Christ was by John the Baptist. We believe that the people who we are doing the work for can accept the ordinance or reject it, it is up to them.

It is a good feeling being able to participate in this service and I particularly enjoy the strength I receive through it.

I returned home Saturday evening and woke up sunday morning to Rohan who had written me the most beautiful poem I have ever received. It was his own words and written from his heart. He has obviously got a way with words.

While we were at church Simone and Simon and Collette and Hayden prepared the dinner for us all, so when we came home we had a delicious roast turkey with all the trimmings. We had all put in for Mum a session at the beauty spa in Bridport with a hot rock massage. She had just started her new job as acting principal at Bridport Primary School and so will probably need it.

I was exhausted but feeling so grateful after such a big yet wonderful weekend of family and friends and love and blessings.


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melandpeter said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! I live in Melbourne and still don't get to the temple much. You've inspired me to just go on my own this month. Love the poem. x