Saturday, May 19, 2012

And then there were Seven

This is Izzy, she is one of the original four goats. She broke her neck while stuck in a fence for a week before we bought her. It mended crooked and she looks side on, because she is a bit fragile she is at the bottom of the pecking order so we feed her seperately so she gets some. We think she is pregnant and by the size of her we're hoping she has twins. She is very friendly and will jump on you to get food but she is very gentle and she is our favourite.

George is also an original member and he takes in turns with Billy to be on the top of the pecking order. They get along really well considering they are in competition with each other. George had a fight with a ram once and broke his horn.

This is Billy. The weirdest thing is watching the male goats pee on themselves when they want to attract the women, It looks like they think its aftershave or something but it seems to work for them.

This is Mildred she was with kid when we bought them and gave birth only 3 days later. We were worried about her mothering skills when she would be wondering around without her kid and we would hunt all over the place looking for it. One day we looked for 2 hours in the evening and then 3 hours the next morning. We eventually found him. We looked it up on the internet and learnt that the mothers hide them and when the kids call out the next morning they go find them.
This is Mahunna. We swapped her for Mildred's kid as we needed another female and not another male. Mahunna is at the bottom of the pecking order with Izzy, they hang out together and protect each other. Mahunna is small and slender. She is timid around the other goats and doesn't know that she is the most beautiful of them all. She reminds me of a ballerina. She is curious and will follow Izzy's lead to come over to us to be hand fed.

This is Georgie Girl. George, our black male, went missing one day and came back with her. She was tethered on a property up the road and was very attached to George, she wasn't going anywhere without him and so the owners let us keep her.

This is Goaty Girl.(She has a goaty) She was from the same property up the road and two weeks later when she realised Georgie Girl wasn't coming back she escaped and jumped the fence to join us too. She likes climbing trees and is enjoying her freedom after being tethered also.

In the paddock with the goats are Barbie and Cue. They follow the goats around and interact with them. They run away whenever we come around though and I think they know their job description which is coming to an abrupt end very soon.
It is such a joy having our animals, I'm so glad we didn't sell our land afterall. Not only because they keep the scrub down, I love watching the goats and getting to know their personalities. This year I look forward to seeing the wonder of new life and nature taking its course and enjoying the beauty of it all.

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