Saturday, November 20, 2010

My 40th SURPRISE party

Chris told me earlier this year he was going to organise me a 40th party and that the details would be a surprise, from there on I referred to it as my surprise party.

We had it at The Happy Chef at Longford because Chris kows I love dancing and there is not many opportunities to dance in Lauceston and the food is delicious. After 2 hours of eating 4 courses and the most yummy food we spent the next 2 hours kicking up our heels and having a great time.

Thanks Scott for taking over my camera and this is the only one I'm willing to post!

It was lovely when all the staff & the chef came out with this cake and everyone sang happy birthday to me. Karina & Leona were trying to convice me to blow out the candles, but I wasn't going to fall for that one.

Thanks so much everyone for coming, I had a really lovely evening!


Sim-Dim said...

The food was YUM. A great night. Thanks OLDEST sis!!

Collette said...

looks likes heaps of fun! wahoo party party!