Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rohan's 10

Rohan turned ten this week and seemed to be celebrating all week. Nan Gibson was sleeping over so at 5.45am with us and the 4 dogs went for a walk. By the time we got back it was a more respectable hour to wake everyone up, so then he got to open his presents. He got a b.ball, a soccer ball, 3 tennis balls and some stationary. (He likes balls) He also got Club Penguin on the Wii which is all the rage for his age group. From Nan he got this great collection of Roald Dahl books. He has already read two, he decided to start with the smallest ones. That evening we went out for tea. For their birthdays our children get to choose and Rohan chose KFC.

Then on Friday night Rohan had a sleepover. We asked them to go to sleep 3 times and the last time was at 2.30am. The next morning they were up and told me that they hadn't been to sleep at all. He stayed awake all day and slept 14 hours the next night. He kept saying all day he wasn't tired although we could see his eyes were hanging out of his head.

The next night we had a family dinner with the Triffitts, Collette and Mum. Rohan wanted roast chicken, so I did the vegies and simply picked up a couple of chickens from the supermarket - ready to go. Simone made Rohan's favourite Oreo cheescake and a lemon meringue cheesecake which was an experiment but a real hit.

Emily kept herself busy by making up the kids faces and doing a photo shoot. She used my make up and then found it doesn't come off so easy. The Triffitts had their Primary Sacrament Presentation the next day, so I hope they were able to get it off, especially the black around their eyes.

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Sim-Dim said...

Yes after much scrubbing - we got the make-off off. :)