Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jayme's Last days

Last week Jayme had his Leavers Assembly and Leavers Dinner for Queechy High School. The dinner was on his birthday and he said it was the best birthday ever! He went to the dinner with Ha, a girl that he has been friends with for quite some time. She was Head Prefect this year and highly regarded, she is intelligent and beautful. I felt very proud of him all dressed up and looking so handsome.

He was so excited to be moving on, he couldn't understand why some kids were crying. Most of his friends will be going to Launceston College with him, so it's not really goodbye.

He has had really great friends during high school and that has been a wonderful blessing.

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Sim-Dim said...

WOw he looks so grown up. Where did that time go?