Saturday, February 20, 2010

The End of Summer

We know that the end of summer is around the corner when two things happen: The kids go back to school and it is Simone's birthday.
This year is exciting because Emily has started high school and all her friends are in the same class so she is very happy!
Jayme is in grade 10 and decided to take a risk and do full year Legal Studies, its early days yet but he is really enjoying it.
Rohan is in grade 4 and is my only child left in primary school which feels weird. Rohan loves learning and has always loved school, which is wonderful!

Simone's birthday is on Valentines Day so the day before we went out to her place for a pool party. Because Mum, Simone & I have water defensiveness :) we didn't get in but Collette did and of course the kids loved it.

Simon cooked a lovely baked cheese cake, but for some reason when we got it out of the fridge it already had a piece taken out....oh yes, Simon said he had to taste it first. They say never trust a skinny chef!

Jonty is growing up so quickly, he certainly is a cutie.

Happy Birthday Simone! How old are you now 36 or 37? :) Simone has such a good brain for facts and figures she was horrified when I couldn't remember.......36 right!

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Collette said...

That pic of simone is nice! no mention of my awesome belly flop?...hmm...who is that skinny white boy in the pic next to jonty and I? haha