Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fun in the Rain

Last week a group of us went to the bike centre. I wasn't sure if my kids thought they were too old, but I didn't have to worry about that!

It was also Eden's 2nd birthday so Lisa kindly made a lovely cake for everyone. I am obviously out of the children's program scene as I didn't even know this character or the TV show.
It was very muggy and started to pour with rain, but unlike Simone & I who hate getting wet, everyone else decided to PLAY!

By the time we had to leave it was chucking it down and Simone & I had to make a run for it to the car, we got drenched still and wasn't impressed. The kids though had a great time and didn't even mind having to strip to get in the car!


The Kings said...

What a GREAT night! the rain made it even better :) Thanks for coming even though your kids are older than everyone else - it was good they still had fun :)

the woodwards said...

yeah it was great!!! thanks for adding my blog :)

Collette said...

yeah look at that big kid in the first pic..havin a great time! haha

Sim-Dim said...

cool night shots. Now we all know you have your own camera, there will be blogging for homework Mrs Wheeler.