Saturday, April 3, 2010

Emily's now a TEENAGER

We had a bit of trouble finding a day that we could all get together as a family and celebrate, so we combined Easter & Em's birthday, but we were a bit light on without Mum & Jessica.

But Emily shouldn't complain as it felt like her birthday went for the whole month.........her birthday story begins at the beginning of the month while it was still hot and she invited 14 friends to a ski biscuiting party.......

Then I made an early birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday the weekend before as we knew how busy we would be on the actual day. We also went out to Morty's for her birthday dinner, but that day wasn't her birthday either.....

Happy Birthday Emily!!!! The best bit is still to come as she saved up all her birthday money and tomorrow she flies to Melbourne for 5 days to visit her Aunty Jessica. Does that mean that your birthday is still continuing while you are over there Emily? This would have to be the longest running birthday ever! ENJOY :)

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