Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Bridport

This year we saw the new year in at Bayview in Bridport. There were about 100 other people from our stake and most stayed the week as there are huts and a communial kitchen and hall. It was lovely to spend a couple of days at the beach and hang out with our friends.

We took out boat and took the youth and YSA on the ski biscuit. I have the best job as the spotter, it is so funny to watch their faces, especially in the ocean as the waves are so much bigger than the river. We got quite sunburnt and I couldn't work out why until I checked the expiry date on my sunscreen....2005!

We had a huge BBQ for New Years Eve tea on the deck with fabulous views, we joke that we have million dollar views for $40 a night (thats for the whole family). We were hoping that our neighbours would provide fireworks for the evening, especially as they are banned from 2010, not only were we blessed with free entertainment but we had a lightning storm to watch as well.

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The Kings said...

YAY!! Another post!! :) Glad you got to see some fireworks. That is funny about the sunscreen, but not really!