Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Collette's Birthday

Collette asked us to take her friends ski biscuiting for her birthday. That was great until just before we were expected to be there Chris found a puncture in our biscuit and after he tried unsuccessfully to patch it, we decided to go to Tamar marine and buy a new one.
40 minutes late we arrived ready to go.

The YSA were waiting for us on the foreshore and we had a great time taking everyone on the biscuit. The new ski biscuit is a single and we're used to a double, so Jack and Bec tried to see if they could turn the single into a double but to no avail :)

We could not get Jack off, no matter how hard we tried!

Collette tried her hardest to stay on and got really good at leaning with the corners.

Jessica came down as a birthday surprise, no ski biscuiting for her ;)

Afterwards a couple of the YSA had a go at skiing, we made 4 attempts the cut off and Hayden made it up. apparently this was his first time, he looks to be concentrating very hard.

After we all went back to our house for a BBQ and entertainment. Emily did her usual pass the parcel game with Danny winning the final prize of taking Collette on a date..........again, 3rd time lucky Collette :)

This is the 27 claps that took up most of the night :) Happy Birthday Collette


The Kings said...

ha ha - funny. Looks like Danny and Collette are meant to be!

Nettie's Blog said...

Fabulous night ...fabulous food ...fabulous people..What more can i say...
Happy Birthday Collette
same time same place this time next year????