Sunday, December 27, 2009

More Christmas Celebrations

Every year we have Christmas Day, Boxing day with Sarra's birthday and then on the 27th we (Wheelers and Triffitts) go to my Dad's for his Christmas celebrations. By the end of the 3rd day of eating rich and yummy food I feel fat and tired but its soooo worth it. We call this the summer house. It has power hooked up to it so we have all the mod cons.......well almost :)

Every time I go down there I take the clippers and give dad a haircut, today he asked me if he could buy them off me so he can do it himself and keep his hair short. Seeings now my kids wont let me cut their hair (or anyone for that matter at the moment) and I don't use them i showed him how to do a no.4 and left them with him. This is a before and after shot (especially for you dad!)

The Triffitts take their motorbikes down and because he has 6 acres and its all flat, it is the perfect place to learn to ride a motorbike. Dad then gets out his four wheeler and trailer and takes them for a ride up the gravel road which they enjoy.


The Kings said...

Fun! I can't believe it - two blogs in two days!

melandpeter said...

I love motorbike riding. I miss having the space to do it. Plus, having a motorbike to start with would help! Looked like a fun Christmas.