Saturday, December 26, 2009


I finally have my very own camera (thankyou Santa), it has artificial intelligence and adjusts the photo automatically as I take it which is perfect for me! So now I can blog a bit more than I was.

So as this blog is about Christmas we start off with breakfast Christmas morning (eggs and bacon) I of course had something a bit healthier.......croissants ;)

Next we went to Chris' parents (Noel and Margaret) for lunch. We had a lovely meal and with the beautiful weather sat outside afterwards and enjoyed the sun.

After lunch we travelled to Bridport to have Christmas dinner with my family. Collette had done a fabulous job of putting up the tree and preparing the table; very Christmassy, well done Collette. We started with Rohan reading the Christmas story from the scriptures (modern technology from his ipod) then all the kids took it in turn giving out the presents.

Collette took the best present trophy with Jayme's really cool purple paisley tie and Simon's Barbie bike helmet which Collette has to exchange :)

We got Collette a bright pink 'Bop It' game and the competition was on to see who could play continously for the longest. Emily was the winner but Simone took out the prize for the coolest dance moves whilst playing!!!

We stayed down overnight and then celebrated Sarra's 9th birthday today with another party and more yummy food. We finished off with a walk to the dog beach and a swim; a beautiful day for boxing day and a great finish to our Christmas celebrations.


The Kings said...

Wow!!! Another post already!!! Go Wheeler Team! The photos are great - very nicely done by the camera's 'artificial intelligance' :)
Looks like a lovely Christmas, and birthday for Sarra.

Nettie's Blog said...

hooray i was wondering when you would start posting again in ernest!!! now i know why you werent!!!!!
the new camera soes a great job...looking forward to more pics..

Collette said...

I win the prize for hottest christmas outfit also! the last pic...i'm totally gearing up for the claps with hallie! my highest score is now 35...little way off 78...thanks Emily!