Monday, August 11, 2008


Ok here goes....
Ten years ago, Emily was one year old and I was second year Uni education degree. Chris was first year and we lived on $40 a week grocery money. Jayme was 4 and Margaret babysat while I was at school. I took a semester off when Emily was born & then went back part time. Even though we didn't have much money we look back on those times with fondness as we had a lot of time together as a little family and lots of laughs. We made our own fun and enjoyed getting to know our children.
Five years ago, Rohan was nearly 3, Emily 6 and Jayme 9. I was working at Norwood, I had second term fulltime & Kieran was in my class! Then worked relief for the rest of the year. We bought our block of land and sold our house. We decided rather than rent a house we would build a shed & live on our land. We thought that we would only need to do this for 12 months while Chris built our house. (It ended up taking 3 years) We went on a holiday at the end of the year where we drove from Melbourne to Sydney and then to Brisbane. We then drove back to Sydney and caught the boat home. It was the only time we have taken our kids out of the state and it will be the only time we drive with them for so long. The best story about our holiday was almost missing the Spirit to come home. It left at 3.00 and we missed the turnoff on the Sydney Harbour bridge, so had to go through the city and turn around. we had no idea where we were going and we yelled out to the people on the street how to get there & someone yelled back directions. We were in seperate cars & Chris was following me! When we got to the boat it was 3.05 and the Spirit people were waiting for us and they got us to drive straight on without them checking our stuff (we even had a gas bottle). Jayme and Emily were talking together afterward & Emily said,"Mum was praying" and Jayme said "That was good, Dad was swearing"!

The beginning of this year I got a phone call from the department telling me my job for this year was to go full time on class and teach grade 5/6. I had always worked part-time and was really scared that it was going to be too much for me and my family. I told them I would get back to them in half an hour and I prayed about it. I felt peace so accepted it, the choice was this or no job! I began my knew job and loved it. Exactly 5 months ago was Easter and we went to Bridport to enjoy the sun at Collette's house. Second day there I got a message from Jacki saying that her husband Allan had passed away and we packed up and came home real quick. As her visiting teacher I made a huge pot of soup for her & Allan's family that were staying with her and enjoyed the sweet feeling of doing service for others.

To do List...
Lose weight
Eat properly
Get fit
Attend the temple
Read my book

Places I have lived....
Lindisfarne (Hobart)

Bad Habits....
Dorky laugh
I'm a chocoholic
I have to go to bed by 10pm or else I turn into a witch
Can't sleep in
Not very Motherly

Things people don't know about me...
I'm afraid of the dark
Ran away from home for 8 months when I was 15
80's fav. artist was Prince
Owned my own horse when I was a kid
Attend the chiropractor every fortnight as I have a bulging disk in my back- (from falling off the horse)

People I tag
Jack Jnr


Collette said...

yay a NEW post...but where are all the dorky scanned pics?? come on!

The Kings said...

ha ha - love the story about Emily praying and Chris swearing! As for losing weight - where are you going to lose it from - your big toe!? :)