Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mum turns 60!

Here is mum's cake that Karina made for her. The holden cars are due to the year mum was born, was the year that Holden put out their first car- the FX. The car thing was a theme for the evening and this is the car that Jessica made for mum to wear, the number plate was MG 1948, which of course are her initials and the year .

It certainly was a great night, lots of laughs and lots of friends. I think the week of partying is now officially over-back to the monotony of life- well for this minute anyway


Collette said...

meep funny is it that bro and sis Reeve are matching! I think mum wishes her birthday celebrations went for the rest of the year...but i'm pooped!

The Parsons Family said...

you girls sure made it a special year for her! Love that pic of Cathy Reeve doing the big old laugh!

Emily said...

it was such a fun night that was defently the party of the year.