Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Did you know you are a vibrating ball of energy?

Did you know that each of us have our own energy fields that vibrate on a frequency level? 700-1000 being the highest at enlightenment and 20-30 being the lowest at guilt and shame. Limiting beliefs and negative emotions bring down our vibrations. When you vibrate too slowly you feel lethargic and become sick. That's why stress makes you sick.

Our brain is an electronic switching station and our thoughts activate brain cells, which controls the vibration we are in. Our emotions play a vital role and due to their strength of energy, our emotions are what we can use to give us information to the frequency we are vibrating at. If we are experiencing strong negative emotions, we can guarantee we are vibrating on a negative frequency and if we are experiencing strong positive emotions we know we are on a positive frequency. We can change the frequency we are on at any given time by changing our feelings.

We can have an overall vibration and then subset vibrations. My overall vibration is 750 and my body image vibration is 530. If I know what my limiting belief is (which I do: self control), I can focus on overcoming that belief and raise my vibration. (I have been working on this limiting belief through intermittent fasting and cutting out certain foods, such as sugar). To find out what frequency you are currently vibrating at, use muscle testing which you can learn more about in this video.

The frequency we are in controls what we attract into our lives. When we are vibrating at a high frequency, we attract positive and good experiences into our lives that are on that frequency. However, when we are vibrating at a low frequency, we are having negative thoughts and emotions, and then we attract similar and 'like' thoughts that are on that frequency. An example of this is when we are angry or hurt about something and we replay the episode over in our minds. What happens next is we start to attract like thoughts such as other things that person has done to upset us in the past, or other times we have been angry that are similar to this time. Then we might start thinking of all the things we could have said, and if you're like me I even start a dialogue with this person imagining what they would say and how I would respond. It very quickly spirals out of control and next thing I know I'm breathing really fast and have got myself in a real state.

The trick is to realise when we are on this road and as quickly as possible steer ourselves off on an alternative route. There is nothing wrong with being aware of the negative or unwanted things in our lives but we have to be careful not to focus on them. We have to learn to let them go and focus on what we do want ; the good things in life. We need to quit jumping on causes that focus on eliminating the bad and instead focus on the good we want. For example, Mother Theresa knew this information and would never join a cause that was anti war, however, she was more than happy to join a cause that was pro peace, see the difference? By focussing on the positive we increase our vibration and attract good things into our lives.

We can feel each other's energy and pick up on each others' vibrations. This is why we are attracted to people who are happy and confident. We often prefer to make friends with people who have a like or higher vibration than ourselves. People with a lower vibration than ourselves can bring us down if we are not careful which is why we often decide to avoid those people. Some people, such as myself, are really sensitive to others' vibrations and can pick up on their energy very easily. The challenge is to not allow other people's frequency to affect our own. You might recognise when this has happened to you and you have felt negative people lower your frequency or bring you down.

We have a source energy which fills the immensity of space. Without this we would die and the world would cease to exist. Our source energy gives us strength and inspiration. It is our universe or God. When we pray or meditate we connect to our source energy and receive love which in turn increases our vibrations and gives us hope and peace. May we strive to look for ways to increase our vibration through re-programing our thinking. (To read more about how to take possession of your mind see here) We might not be able to change the world but we can sure impact it by changing ourselves.

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