Sunday, December 8, 2013

Family Memories

I am currently sitting at home on Sunday night waiting for our Stake President to come over and set Jayme apart as a missionary. Today has been Jayme's 19th birthday and it has been a wonderful day. He had a talk at Church which was powerful and inspiring, if I had any doubts that he was ready then I have no more.

Our family all came over for a lovely BBQ birthday tea and now we are all sititng around talking and enjoying each other's company and waiting. I can't believe it is finally here. Tomorrow morning we will go to the airport at 7.30am and he departs to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA for 2 months training and then he will travel to Japan for the rest of the 2 years. I feel emotional as I contemplate saying goodbye to my son but excited for his experiences to come.

 I feel appreciative for all the small moments that got our family to this place where we are, to all those people who played their part and too, for all those experiences good and bad that pushed us forward to this point in time.

I appreciate my friend Lisa King who took these photos for us last week so we would have some family photos to look back on. They are so lovely and we had such a fun time doing the photo shoot. These are some of my favourites.....




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The Kings said...

I'm happy that I could give you some pics before Jayme left :)