Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Rohan's Birthday and a special Aunty

For Rohan's 13th birthday this year we had a Halloween party to go to and then a family dinner.

It was a special family dinner because it has been a very long time since Chris' sister Helen has been able to attend. Helen lives on the mainland and came down to see Jayme before he leaves on his mission for two years and it was wonderful that she arrived on Rohan's birthday.


Rohan wanted roast siverside with vegetables and that meant we would be having 20 people for a sit down meal with everyone including the Sister Missionaries. Lucky it was a beautiful day and we could put the dining table and the outside table out on the deck. It worked out perfectly.
Rohan is happy to be a teenager and was joking around that now he has attititude.
 It was wonderful to have family around and enjoy each others company.

It was also very exciting to see Helen again.



See you again in January Helen!

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