Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Corpse Bride & Axel

For Book Week today Emily and Rohan dressed up as these two characters. Axel is from Kingdom Hearts which is a PS2 game, and Emily is from the movie Corpse Bride. You didn't have to be a book, but apparently both of these are as well. Emily had permission from Jessica to wear her $8.00 Opp Shop wedding dress...thanks Jessica I hope this doesn't spoil your surprise for your future husband to be! They were so excited about dressing up although they must have looked funny catching the bus home after school.


The Kings said...

So cool!!!

Jessica said...

well i will just have to go buy another op shop dress for my wedding wont i! - funny that they are dressing up for BOOK week and neither of them are out of BOOKS. I remember once i dressed up as Moonface out of the far away tree.

Collette said...

Nice outfits!