Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Mayhem 2

For Mother's day this morning Emily made me breakfast in bed, Mum also slept here this weekend so Emily made her breakfast in bed too. Emily loves cooking & is really quite good at it. I've taught her to make chocolate pudding so that I get my favourite dessert whenever I want :)
Tonight we had all the family over & had a traditional roast lamb. We have 13 people at the moment but with Simone still going & Collette & Jessica yet to start, (no pun intended Collette), our family is going to grow quite big, I don't know where we'll put everyone then!! The best part was after tea & all the kids got in the spa together & we had some quiet for nearly an hour....(then there was the mopping up the water all over the floor), but from all the squealling it sounded like it was a memorable night, and hey isn't that what life is about? - making memories.

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The Kings said...

Sounds like fun! Emily is a good daughter making your brekkie in bed. Aaron is hanging out for the boys to be old enough to do that!