Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Mayhem

Last night we had a Relief Society Mother's day Enrichment activity & we had to come dressed up or with something representing our mothers. Simone, Collette & Jessica all wore skivvies & slippers & I dressed as 'Evening mum' & came with the leather gloves & the glow mesh handbag. We kept saying the phrase "You've got to be joking" all night. It could've been called 'mock mum' night :) Mum came with her knitting & tea towel over her shoulder as her mum was a great cook & a fantastic knitter. Emily came also & wore black & my puffy coat, gloves & hat. We played games & also had some touching moments where we paid tribute to how special mums are. We had a great night. Its times like this when its fun having all girls in the family!

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