Monday, December 14, 2015

Our Journey to Grow our Family Part 2

Approximately 2 years ago I wrote about our journey to grow our family. Six years a go we had felt that there were more spirits to add to our family but after 4 unsuccessful years and four miscarriages, we felt that we had come to the end of our journey, I was 43 years old and felt that I had done all I could.

Fast forward two more years and two days before my birthday on Nov 10th, I decided I had better go to the Dr and find out what was going on with my body. I felt sure I had probably been pregnant again but was experiencing another failed pregnancy and better get to the hospital and just get it over with. I was so sure that I had miscarried because I wasn't experiencing the horrid morning sickness and other symptoms that come in the first trimester that I was used to. I had been tired but after improving my diet by going off added sugar, yet again for a month or so, I felt much better and put it down to that.

 I knew the drill and so took myself off to the Dr hoping to just have one day off work and be back with everything back to normal  the next day. I told the Dr that I had been pregnant, had a miscarriage, just needed a scan and then the medication to bring it all on, I would go home and all would be good. The Dr had a portable scan and so we could just have a quick check before we went any further. I was so confident, I said to the Dr, "there wont be anything there".  As we were looking at the scan I was absolutely blown away when we saw a little person with a heartbeat and as we were seeing her, she moved her hand as if to wave to me saying here I am Mum. I immediately began to cry tears of amazement and joy. I rang Chris at work and choked, "you'd better come down here".

 I was booked in for a proper scan straight after lunch and I sat in the hospital for 3 hours in shock, waiting. I felt like my emotions were on a roller coaster, what did this mean for us? Grinning with excitement one minute to tears and serious doubts of my ability the next. As 1.00pm came Chris arrived and we went into the scan. I was hoping the baby would be healthy but mostly interested to find out how far along I was. I was guessing 12-13 weeks but we were blown away when after all the measurements and healthy diagnosis to hear that I was already 20 weeks. Half way already! How had I got this far not realizing, it seemed almost impossible.

We were able to find out she was a girl and walked out on a high. We immediately began the process of telling our family and friends, Our other children aged 15, 18 and 20 were very excited as they had known 6 years ago that we had been trying. All our friends were also excited and very happy for us, it was wonderful to feel that support and love. 

We only had 2 weeks of work left as both Chris and I had  previously put in for long service leave and so my school went into over-drive organising a baby shower for me on my last day of work. Suddenly plans had changed in a big way and I was no longer going back to my job in 2016. There was a lot to take in and get my head around, so I just kept telling myself, you never know what is around the corner, so you might as well enjoy the ride, and enjoy it I did.

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