Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Jayme's Mission Call

It took exactly a month from his interview with the Stake President to the day his mission call arrived in the mail: 6th Aug - 6th Sept, we were expecting 6 weeks so we were unprepared when it came, especially as the day before Jayme had just gone to Melbourne for 5 days. I so badly wanted to open it but instead I took a photo and messaged Jayme that it was here and then hid it under his pillow so I wouldn't be reminded for the next 4 days.

He asked me to invite the family and the missionaries in Launceston to come for 7pm. Collette and Jessica would be skyped plus quite a few friends.

I had to ring them all back when his plane was delayed in Melbourne and by 8.30 we were all on the edge of our seats, the waiting was finally over!

We had everyone's phones in use skyping someone and 2 laptops. I recorded using Jayme's phone and I asked Elder Sergeant to video for me.

click here for Jayme's mission call video
I was so relieved when Jayme's mission call said Japan. Since he was 8 I had felt that is where he would go but you never really know and it was a nice feeling knowing that my feelings had be accurate.

When Jayme was 9 a newly married friend moved into our area. He had served his mission in Japan and once he learnt that Jayme was interested, he offerred to teach him an hour lesson each week. I thought Jayme would grow tired of it but he never did. Our friend loved it too as it helped keep the language alive for him.

Jayme loved art work and became fascinated in Japanese Anime characters. He has scrap books full of his drawings.

 He soon fell in love with all things Japan including reading Japanese Manga books and comics. He was able to choose Japanese in High School and College as an option.

I know that Jayme will love Japan; the culture, the people and the experiences his mission will bring.

As I look back I can see he has been prepared for this mission call. What a wonderful feeling to know he is going where the Lord wants him to go and I know this is where he is meant to go.

I feel peace and excitement for Jayme's opportunity: the first person to serve a mission from both sides of the family. A wonderful family tradition to start.

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melandpeter said...

That's awesome Lisa! Reminds me of my longtime love for Japan and the amazing feeling when I opened my call!