Monday, December 17, 2012

Jayme is 18

Jayme planned and organised his birthday BBQ. He enlisted the help of my sister Jessica as I was working that day and they decorated and organised the house.

Jessica put togther a REALLY long Pass the Parcel which was a real hit with the teenagers, maybe it took them back to their childhood and good memories of kid's birthday parties.


Chris just had to get the meat and I had to get the birthday cake and the party came together pretty easily with 40 friends and family attending.

I told one of my work colleagues that my son was having his 18th that night and we were expecting 40 people. She commented that I seemed very relaxed considering, I explained to her that Jayme had organised a non-alcoholic party and that made all the difference. It was so good to see that many people having fun and enjoying themselves without the need for alcohol to make it so.

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