Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rohan is 12!

Rohan has been hanging out to turn 12, so many changes happen at 12......

  • He finishes Primary School and prepares for High school
  • He participates in the Leavers Dinner and Presentation evening & farewells some very close friends who will be going to different high schools
  • He is able to start attending youth group on Tuesday nights
  • He finishes up in Primary children's class at Church
  • He starts attending Opening Exercises during Church with all the boys and men (including his big brother and his Dad)
  • He attends the Young Men's class; lesson for boys 12-18 years
  • He recieves the Aaronic or lesser Priesthood and the responsibilities that come with that
  • He is able to pass the sacrament (bread & water)
So as you can see it is a very exciting time.

Rohan had a sleepover and they didn't sleep all night. About 9.30am they were all struggling to stay awake and after the parents all came at 10am, Rohan went straight to bed.

Things I LOVE about Rohan.......

  • He is sensitive and caring
  • He is a good communicator
  • He is a passionate sports player
  • He is a good sportsman when playing in a team
  • He is inclusive and respectful
  • He has integrity
  • He loves learning
  • He is tuned into his emotional/spiritual side
  • He is a good example to his family
  • Has leadership qualities
I am so blessed to have him as my son and so thankful he came to our family.

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Nettie's Blog said...

Primary is missing you already Rohan....