Monday, January 2, 2012

A different Christmas

This year I had difficulty getting into the Christmas spirit and after attending the Christmas Devotional I knew why. I was concerned that my children thought more about what they get instead of what they can give. It had become too much about trees and lights and santa and not enough about giving and caring and remembering the birth of the Saviour. So I proposed a plan to kill off Santa! In FHE we all sat down and I told them we had this letter in the mail from the Santa Company and I read it out.

The Santa Company

North Pole
Dear Wheeler Family,
Due to unforeseen circumstances at the North Pole, we regret to inform you that Santa Claus is unable to make his scheduled yearly visit this year.
We know the Wheeler family are a loving happy family and Santa has asked so those children who are less fortunate don’t miss out on Christmas that you might act as Santa for someone else. After all Santa began his early days giving to those less fortunate families and he hates to think of them missing out altogether.
We trust Wheeler Family that you will work hard to respect Santa’s last wishes.
Kind Regards
The Santa Co.

Surprisingly they took it very well and understood that it was the end of an era. We told them that they would still get a present from us under the tree. We then discussed what we could do for someone else. That was a bit harder and I wasn't sure how we might do this, after some discussion we hadn't made any decisions. The next week an opportunity came our way where we were asked to particpate in handing out 5 food hampers through the Bishops Blessing Basket that ward members had contributed too. We were able to take them around and feel the joy that this service gave. It was a real privilege.
The other special thing that came from this decision is the children all thought about and gave something to each other. This was difficult for the ones without jobs and money, but because they were looking they were all able to give something. Rohan gave me a couple of books he had in his bedroom that were a bit girly and I enjoyed reading them. He also gave everyone a monopoly counter (I think that was a hint as he LOVES monopoly) and he gave the others each a service voucher of jobs he would do for them. Emily gave us the gift she had received from Secret Santa as it was a man's watch and a pen (unusual, but exactly what she needed afterall).
So for they first time they could feel the joy of thinking, planning and giving and I could see it in their faces as they watched us open their presents. Even though it was drastic to kill off santa, I'm so glad I did. My next thought is too kill off the Christmas tree and put up a nativity scene to place the presents around that, but I'm not sure if I might be pushing it a bit too far!

Pepper came for Christmas too, even though she is mums dog, she acts like Jayme is her master at our house and we joke that dogs resemble their masters and they are both skinny & leggy.

Rohan recived a 10 pass to the Acquatic centre which is a great idea to give him something to do in the holidays.

Rohan is very happy to give chris his service voucher and monopoly counter and he put the whole lot inside his old ipod box so Chris thought he was given an ipod.

I received 2 boxes of chocolate from Jayme

Emily recieved bathers that she picked herself.

We had Chris' parents for lunch and Chris prepared the whole thing. I just had to clean up afterwards so it was very nice to relax and enjoy the morning.

After lunch we went to the Triffitts and enjoyed the evening with Mum and Simone & Simon

Collette & Hayden were in Fiji on their honeymoon and Jessica, Kyle & Bastian were in Cairns on holidays but hopefully next year we will all be together again.


jean said...

i really enjoyed your thought, s on christmas what a lovely mum you are and you are so right it it better to give than recieve many of us seem to forget what christmas is actually about my joy is giving time to my sister and those less fortunate love to you all i hope you have avery fulfeeling new year

melandpeter said...

What a great idea Lisa. Perfect for families with older kids (not saying you're old or anything :-)