Monday, December 12, 2011

Jayme is 17

This year Jayme was saving up for his birthday and asked for money to contribute to his presents. He bought them himself and wrapped them and wrote on them; To Jayme from Mum, To Jayme from Dad etc from Emily & Rohan. None of us had any idea what was in them and he refused to tell us saying that it was a surprise. He kept teasing us saying, I wonder whats in my present and shall I open them early? He was like a little kid at Christmas!

He woke us all up early and I thought I had a fairly good idea that I gave him an xbox but Jayme was saying my guess was incorrect because it was in fact an xbox 360, I think that's just being pedantic!
I wasn't happy with my contribution as he already has a PS3 and I think he spends too much time gaming already. The others got him Star Wars blue ray and some more games, I wouldn't have got him any of those things, but I guess that's why he wanted to buy his own presents.
 Hopefully next year he might want to save up for something good - like a car!

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