Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big Birthday Celebration

For Kylie's birthday this year I wanted to take her somewhere memorable & unexpected. She certainly wont forget this one in a hurry. We knew it was pretty upper class being that we were surrounded by Dotors & Nurses.

Afterwards we came back to my house and I made Kylie an iced chocolate in my thermie.

We got our thermomix last January and life has never been the same, Emily said, "it was the best thing that happened to us". Poor deprived child!!
The recipe for the iced chocolate is;
 400 grams ice
200 grams milk
2 tablesppons drinking chocolate
beat 5 mins on speed 6
top with whipped cream

1 comment:

The Kings said...

hahaha!! I saw Kylie post on FB that you were taking her to a posh restuarant! That is REALLY posh! ;)
I'm going to try one of those iced chocolates! Yum!!