Thursday, July 28, 2011

Better late than never...sometimes anyway

Recently I decided to reclaim my camera from Jayme and I found photos from Christmas.

We got this hammock from Aunty Helen and when Chris & I tested it out we were very worried we'd break it!

Rohan & Emily teaching Jonty to help himself to the fridge and drink out of the bottle, what are cousins for?

Each year we read the Christmas story before we open our presents to remind ourselves of the true meaning of Christmas. Last year it was Simone's turn to read.

Everyone is meant to be listening to Simone read but they look a bit distracted.

This is all the kids trying to pose for a 'happy' shot.

I think we gave up after that

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Emily Wheeler said...

haha :D are the other photos that i took of jonty still on the camera?