Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today Chris & I took the boys to Duck Reach Power Station. We walked from the Trevallyn side which is very steep with a lot of stairs; Rohan counted 280 one way.

We also took the dogs for a walk and they loved it, that is until we went into the Power Station and the flooring was steel mesh. They crept right down and walked very carefully, they looked like they were worried they would fall through.

They were so pleased we were out of there they didn't realise we were on the suspension bridge and they got half way over and frieked out. Benson wanted to go back but he made it to the other side, only to find out we had to go back again. They took off up the hill and we met them again waiting at the car.

Its great when you realise that the most important things are just about spending time hanging out with those that matter most. (I'm referring to our family, not the dogs!)

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