Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 begins

This is Jayme with a big smile after his first day at Seminary today.
He said it was over too quick and he loved it.

Emily got her braces on last week, the day before school started....
but she's handled it all very well.

Auntie Helen came and visited us in the holidays.
She was exhausted after having us all talking to her at once non-stop for 2 hours

Us all with Helen and Noel and Margaret


The Kings said...

I didn't even notice Emily's braces yesterday!! So good Jayme loved seminary. Lisa would be an awesome teacher.

HandS said...

Hey there.... It was so nice to see my old friends all grown up!!
Margaret, you look great! and Noel.. the last few cars I have bought have had seat belts already installed in the back.. except in the truck .. where behind the front passenger side my dog, Kreesha had chewed thru it.. I thought of you ,then... where is he, he who can install seat belts!!
Heidi actually sat in the back seats until she was 12 years old... I felt like a chauffeur for a long time!!

Jessica said...