Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Jayme

It became apparent that Jayme likes making lists whenI got my first 'What I want for my birthday' list months a go. Since then I have lost count of the number of updated birthday lists, but I needn't have worried about keeping up as I was informed that on the Saturday fortnight beforehand, I was to take Jayme to Kmart and EB games and all I had to do was pay. I don't even know the names of the games...

When we got home Jayme wrapped them himself and then hid them in my present hiding place for me. He then kept begging me could he get them early and play them. The only thing I had to do was buy and write in a card, so easy!

He had his usual sleepover with 6 friends. Every year the boys get bigger and their voices get deeper and they cost more to feed. This year I bought them a pizza each- and they ate them all! But they are great boys and I slept through the night without hearing a thing from them downstairs- thank goodness for a well insulated home!

On Sunday we had the next usual; family dinner with everyone bringing their contribution and the kids most requested: Orio Cheesecake made by Simone.

Then today (his actual birthday) he woke us up at 6.00, acted surprised he got 3 PS3 games and then played them until 7.30. Then he quickly got dressed and 7.45 Chris took him to Maccas drive thru for his b'day breakfast.
Finally tonight we all went out to KFC (Jayme's request) for tea. All up that was the only time I saw him today as he spent the rest of his time playing his games. Jayme had a great birthday and was happy and it was so easy for me I was exstatic.


Collette said...

happy birthday Jay!!

Sim-Dim said...

spelt ecstatic!!! :) oh and happy b'day ?Jayme