Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Apparently Jayme is CUTE!

Apparently Jayme is cute, so the girls tell me, but before I give him over to them I need to give him dance lessons! He also needs some cooking lessons -desperately,but he is good at being neat & tidy. He is also clean (which is a real plus at this age), but a little vain as he spends too long in the bathroom doing his hair ( he wants a hair straightener for Christmas), but apparently that is the done thing this day & age. He is a SNAG - sensitive new age guy & obviously will even accept flowers from girls.....Jayme has a great sense of humour & I really enjoyed going out to tea together last Tuesday at the chapel & being served by the gorgeous Young Women. Thank you everyone, it was a lot of fun

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Lisa w said...

Well no-one's commented, but I still think he's cute.