Saturday, April 26, 2008

How many Trampolines?

While it is nice to read about everyone's babies & little people, I think it is more interesting when your kids are older & can actually do cool stuff....
This is my son Jayme. Jayme has trampolining lessons & its nothing for him to jump & flip for hours on end. We have three trampolines. One of them was bought in 1978 for Simone & I as kids and it has had one replacement mat. This is compared to the one that has broken legs which has been welded four times since 2001- they certainly don't make them like they used to!
Anyway we have 3 tramps because we wanted it to be a social experience for our kids, due to this we usually have the whole neighbourhood over here. The most kids we have had on them is 15-at once. We had to ask the YSA's to get off once as we thought they were going to go through them!
Over Easter the neighbourhood kids made this foam pit to land in to add to the fun. I thought it was a great idea but Chris is waiting for the opportunity to take it all to the tip, something about a health & safety hazzard.


The Kings said...

What's this 'other blogs that maybe worth browsing'!? Of course they are worth browsing!!! :)

Wheeler Team said...

I thought you might like that..LOL
I am still playing around with colours etc, this is fun, only been at it for 4 hours :o
Its exciting to get comments!

Simone Triffitt said...

Wow I am very impressed. FINALLY!! Isn't it great "giving in". I love all the trampoline photos. They will be talked about for yrs to come.

Collette said...

this is how it works you catch blogenitis from the bloginators that blog around the streets with their blog 2000 cameras then you get stuck blogging for the rest of your life...ENJOY!